Video Premiere: Freeway, 'She Makes Me Feel Alright'

Freeway's album-length collaboration with producer Jake One has given us The Stimulus Package. In reality, we might all still be mired in an economic recession, but this Philly rapper and Pacific Northwest beatmaker are doing their part to help spur the hip-hop markets.

"The Stimulus Package" is "old school," in that it's a top-to-bottom album collaboration between an MC and producer. And the result is a consistent, cohesive product that never dips in quality.

In this video for The Stimulus Package single "She Makes Me Feel Alright," directed by the excellent Rik Cordero, Freeway -- who seems to have lost a few pounds, but none of his awesome beard -- chills with various ladies who make him feel alright. They all seem enamored with his rapping (and facial hair), and we get to groove off of Jake One's funky, string-laden beat and classic Rick James sample.

Check out the "She Makes Me Feel Alright" video below. The Stimulus Package is out now.