Trey Songz Shares His Most Memorable Moments On Stage

(Credit: Scott Gries/MTV)

Trey Songz is no stranger to memorable moments on stage. From his surprising smooch with Toni Braxton at the Soul Train Awards to his recent turn as the latest "MTV Unplugged" performer, the Virgina native seizes opportunity more than The Situation during last call.

MTV's Jayson Rodriguez sat down with Trey Songz and had the "Panty Dropper" and MTV PUSH artist recount some of his most memorable moments on stage.

+ Trey Songz, on his his first solo show after touring with Jay-Z as a part of The BP3 Tour.

"That night, that was at the end of the show, and I was looking to walk off stage and get things together. But then I see my manager on stage, and I'm like, What the hell is going on? 'Cause I saw him on stage like two songs before that and I thought somebody f***ed up or something, because he didn't come on the stage. So when he came out with Michael Kyser, an executive at the label, and they presented me with the plaque (his album "Ready" was certified Gold), it was a great moment. After the tour, it's my show, I been on support with Jay-Z for a month before that, and this was my first sold-out show after that, in New York City. Being presented with the plaque and to be able to see the Vibe magazine cover story for the first time, it was a moment. And I got to share with with my fans, and that's what I cared most about."

+ Trey Songz, on sharing the stage with Stevie Wonder at the 2010 BET Honors:

"Throughout my time performing I've had a million great moments. Kissing Toni Braxton at the Soul Train Awards was one of them. But performing with Stevie Wonder at the BET Honors, and he actually performed a piece of "I Invented Sex" -- which is my song -- to have an icon like Stevie Wonder performing my record and to be up there with him, when he was making music before I was born! So without him there's no possible way I could have been here, or a lot of artists, for that matter."

+ Trey Songz, on sharing the stage with Drake following his knee surgery:

"I remember when Drake came back performing for the first time after having surgery, and he had a cane, and it was me, him and Lil Wayne on stage. He was back in Toronto. I could go on for days about great times on stage, great moments, and they continue to happen. 'Cause in the end, that's what it's about, being remembered for those great moments. It's like the first time you saw Michael Jackson doing the Moonwalk. You never forget that."

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