Ciara Shows You How To Get Her Ridiculous Body In Her 'Ride' Video In Just 5 Easy Steps

You thought Ciara's new video, "Ride" (watch it below) was just a look at Ciara being bonkers hot while smacking on some gum and wearing a fur coat? Most definitely not! "Ride," featuring Ludacris, is actually Ciara's way of showing you how to get her spectacularly fit body. Here's how:

ABDOMINAL CRUNCHES: Start slow and manageable, with 15 reps of 500. Work your way up to 20 reps of 600 each. Repeat. Rest ONLY when necessary.

PUSH-UPS: Ciara seems to have done a LOT of these. And you should, too! But note: Proper push-up position entails employing the prone position, with both legs together. Only the adventurous should experiment with Ciara's legs-wide-open approach.

BULL RIDING: It may not look like an obvious way to get in shape, but bull riding is a great quad workout. But again, unless you're Ciara, you should really hang on tight. With both hands.

LOWER BACK STRETCHES: After bull riding, it's crucial to stretch out the lower back, as Ciara demonstrates.

DEEP KNEE BENDS: Never attempt deep knee bends unsupervised. Have a fitness professional, like Ludacris, monitor your performance. Enjoy, and be safe!