Trey Songz's Top 5 Collaborations

After watching Trey Songz's brand-new "MTV Unplugged" performance, you'll probably agree that the R&B singer is no flash in the pan. He didn't climb his way up the fame ladder without help. Throughout his career, Songz has excelled at the art of collaboration, mixing his distinctive charms and skills with other artists.

Check out the 5 best Trey Songz collaborations:

1.) "Successful" featuring Drake

Songz has been a staple on Drake's lauded mixtapes, and "Successful" is the duo's signature tune.

2.) "Say Aah" featuring Fabolous

Fab's verse on this single from Trey's "Ready" album takes this party-starting anthem to ecstatic heights.

3.) "Yesterday" featuring Toni Braxton

Trey joins the R&B diva on this sultry break-up song.

4.) "LOL :)" featuring Gucci Mane

The Atlanta rapper joins Trey in this celebration about the joys of text.

5.) "Gotta Make It," featuring Twista

A vintage look from Trey. On "Gotta Make It" (from his 2005 album of the same name), Trey battles with the rapid fire raps of Twista.