Coheed And Cambria Buzzworthy Fan Interview Part II: Coheed Talk Influences

Yesterday, we premiered the first part of Buzzworthy's Fan Interview with Coheed And Cambria. The New York prog-rockers talked about their new album, "Year Of The Black Rainbow," the overarching narrative that runs through all their albums and the band's inherent darkness.

Today we have Part II. In the below video, the guys from Coheed continue to answer the questions from you, the fans. They discuss their musical influences (everything from Nine Inch Nails to Kool & The Gang), and whether their concept albums might inspire a movie some day. Most important, the band members address Claudio Sanchez's hair and what made the singer-guitarist trim his mane.

Check out Part II of Coheed And Cambria's Buzzworthy Fan Interview below. You can watch

Part I here.