Video Premiere: Young Jeezy, 'Lose My Mind'

Welcome to music videos in a post-"Telephone" world. Sure, Lady Gaga's epic prison-break clip wasn't the first video to push boundaries (visually or in terms of content), but it does seem like since the mixed reception and incredible popularity of "Telephone" (more than 28 million views on YouTube and almost half a mil on, alone), artists are throwing caution to the wind and making the videos they want to see.

Case in point: this new clip from Young Jeezy. On the same day M.I.A. releases her controversial, violent, sociopolitically charged clip for "Born Free," (WARNING: MASSIVELY NSFW) Jeezy goes back to the trap, hard, with "Lose My Mind."

Young Jeezy's age-restricted video doesn't push buttons as hard as "Telephone" or "Born Free," but it's certainly a more vivid and visceral video than we're used to. This day-in-the-life portrait of a rapper on the edge finds Jeezy in the streets and in the club. And while those might not be uncommon settings for hip-hop videos, they're rendered starkly, in black and white, with a foreboding air hovering over the proceedings. Jeezy's on edge, and he's right in your face with his paranoia.

"Lose My Mind" is the first video from Jeezy's highly anticipated Thug Motivation: 103.