Coheed And Cambria Buzzworthy Fan Interview Part I: Coheed On 'Year Of the Black Rainbow'

We recently sent out a call to all Coheed and Cambria fans to holler at us and submit any and all questions you might have for the mighty New York prog-rock band.

Well, they dropped by Buzzworthy HQ to answer these queries, and we have the video evidence below to prove it. The band talked about their relentless work ethic, with their new album, "Year Of The Black Rainbow," coming on the heels of a rigorous tour. Speaking of "Year Of The Black Rainbow,"  the band discusses the inherently dark qualities of their work and answers questions about the narrative that runs through their complicated concept albums.

Watch Coheed and Cambria answer questions from Buzzworthy blog fans and check out the video for their single "The Broken" below. If you didn't see your question answered in today's session, check back tomorrow for Part II of the interview. Coheed and Cambria's "Year Of The Black Rainbow" is out now.