New Interview: Trey Songz On His 'Star-Making' 'MTV Unplugged' Performance

(Credit: Scott Gries/MTV)

In anticipation of the Monday, April 26, premiere of Trey Songz's "MTV Unplugged" special, we met with Trey himself to get his take on stripping down his performances and joining the chosen few who've performed on "MTV Unplugged" throughout the years. Check out the interview below and peep photos from Trey's "Unplugged" taping here and another look at Trey Songz's performance.

By Jayson Rodriguez

The series "MTV Unplugged" has created some of the most memorable moments in music history, whether it was the restrained emotion from Kurt Cobain during Nirvana's "About A Girl" to Jodeci's raw rendition of Steve Wonder's classic "Lately." Trey Songz realizes he's venturing into a rare fraternity as the latest artist tapped to perform an acoustic set, premiering Monday, April 26, on We sat down with Trey Songz to get his take on joining the elite rank of "MTV Unplugged" performers.

"At this point in my career, with all the opportunity arising, this is definitely a major highlight within those opportunities," he says. "I saw a write up on, and they described my performance as a star-making set. That's crazy to read, and I think "Unplugged" has been that for so many people. It's a chance to highlight an artist, a chance for them to be vulnerable, a chance for them to contort their music and give it to people a different way. To show that I'm truly an artist and that I love to do what I do, making music. To do it on that platform, the same one as so many artist before me is just really amazing."

The young singer was fresh off of opening for Jay-Z as a part of the legendary rapper's The BP3 arena tour when he took the stage at Manhattan's NEP Studio 33.

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The intimate "Unplugged" setting was quite different than what he had been accustomed to during Jay's trek. "You can reach out and touch the people. You can actually hear what they're saying back to you," he says, describing the experience. "You can see the expressions on their face when you do certain things. That's definitely a pleasure to see and to see them singing your songs, even from the time I brought the girl on stage and she was shaking like a leaf."

Trey's steamy cover of Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody" was one of many standouts during the night, but he admits he was having so much fun teasing his co-star, a young lady he chose from the crowd to sing to, that he may have flubbed a line or two.

He says, though, that the experience was worth it, mistake or not.

"A funny thing, I actually forgot a part of the song because I was making sure she was OK," he says, laughing about the moment. "I said, Are you OK, baby? Those are moments that I'll never forget."