Buzzworthy Style Files: Lights Shares Her 5 Style Musts For Touring

Last year most of what we told you about Lights had to do with her interstellar traveling plans with the animated comic book "Audio Quest." This time around we're keeping things much more terrestrial.

We caught up with Lights, who's currently on tour with Owl City, and found out what this experienced road warrior packs to wear on tour. So without further ado, let's take a peek inside of Light's suitcase/rolly bag/trunk and find out what she brings along on tour to stay so cute. And watch her "Savior" video too.

1) Black pants/BDG skinnies: "These pants match with every single shirt in the whole world, don't draw too much attention to my awkward leg/dance movements when I'm on stage, and the best part is you can't tell how dirty they are or how long you've gone without washing them -- unless you've been eating powdered jelly donuts, in which case they could use a good pat down)."

2) Combat boots: "I honestly don't know why I like combat boots so much right now other than that they make me feel tough. And Lara Croft wears them. And they can withstand the piles of winter we are plagued with."

3) Cardigan: "I always bring along a nice, loose cardigan. They are warm like a sweater but don't take up too much room in the suitcase, and generally go with most of my shirts."

4) Loose tank top: "My tanks all must have spacious armholes, low necklines, and be drapey and large sized. Not only is it less restricting, but also having a looser fit up top complements the skinny pants nicely, and I can fit my in-ear monitor pack comfortably underneath, attached to the back of my pants without there being a noticeable lump."

5) Beanie: "Days come on tour that you can't shower, or you lose your comb. My hair quickly turns into a ferocious mess, and a great, easy solution is chucking a beanie right on top there. Looks sweet, covers a multitude of sins. It's also warm when it's cold out, and when it's warm out, it's still stylish."