Justin Bieber Talks Chuck Norris, Jams With Questlove On Fallon

This weekend, Justin Bieber will take Bieber Fever to the nation's television airwaves, when he performs as the musical guest on "Saturday Night Live," appearing with host Tina Fey. Last night, by way of promo, Bieber was a guest on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon."

The Bieber interview is pretty cute, if pretty by the numbers. His life story gets reiterated quickly, with a funny bit about Bieber wanting Chuck Norris to play him in the film story of his life (guess it's a Benjamin Button kinda thing?). The real action starts when Justin gets off the couch and gets behind a drum kit to join Questlove and The Roots in an impromptu jam session.

Usually we think of J.B. chasing down girls to give 'em back their scarves, or bowling. Kids stuff, ya know? But the kid can really jam! In a sly bit of music nerd subversion, Roots drummer/musical director Questlove tweeted that he got the world's biggest pop start to play a beat by the late, great hip-hop producer J. Dilla on the drums.

Check out the video evidence below. Bieber hosts "SNL" at 11:30/10:30c, Saturday, April 10.