Submit Your Questions For Coheed And Cambria's Buzzworthy Fan Interview

With their new album, Year Of The Rainbow, ready to drop on April 13, we thought it'd be a perfect time to ask the hairy men behind prog-rock outfit Coheed And Cambria some questions. But then we thought, wait, why should we do the asking when Coheed fans are some of the most passionate and knowledgeable fans out there.

So that's why we're throwing open the doors of journalism to all you Coheed fans. Ask Claudio Sanchez and the boys anything that comes to mind. Quiz them on the making of their new album and how it differs from their past powerful releases, ask 'em about touring with Slipknot last year. It's up to you.

+ Leave your questions for Coheed And Cambria in the comments section of this post, and stay tuned for the video interview, coming soon. For now, bang your head to their video for "The Broken," the first single from Year Of The Rainbow, and watch Coheed And Cambria's new promo video to find out more about the inspiration behind Year Of The Rainbow.