The Buzz On: The Soft Pack

Despite deadpan vocals and oh-so-modern fuzzed-out guitars, The Soft Pack has a pretty timeless sound. And the San Diego band seems to know it.

In the video for "C'Mon," taken from the group's self-titled album, they're all in slacker garb -- if I may invoke such a '90s term -- looking bored. All this is intercut with footage of what looks like the crowd at The Beatles' "Ed Sullivan Show" appearance.

Somehow this all makes sense. On "C'Mon" as well as a handful of other tracks on The Soft Pack, the band mixes modern sounds with totally tuneful melodies that wouldn't sound out of place on 1960s pop radio.

The Soft Pack is currently on tour with excellent Brit band Male Bonding. Below, check out the video for "C'Mon" and watch The Soft Pack at its album release party. The group's eponymous debut, The Soft Pack, is out now.