New Video: Sky Ferreira, '17'

Spotted over at Idolator, we bring you this new video from Katy Perry frenemy, Cobra Snake muse and musical ingenue Sky Ferreira.

Directed by heralded photographer Cass Bird, Sky's video for "17" tells a tale of teenage rebellion via  disaffected-looking youths. Things start out delicately enough, with Sky writhing around in her bedroom, putting on lipstick and pushing up her bra. As one does.

What's the problem? Sky's got a case of Saturday night fever, as the song and video quickly turn up the heat. Sky hits the streets and plumbs the depths of the nightlife as the song goes dark-disco.

The video calls to mind the acclaimed BBC show "Skins," in its provocative depiction of teenage life. Sky Ferreira's debut album is due out later this year. Check out the video below.