The Buzz On: Foxy Shazam

(Credit: Sire Records)

Theatrical, dramatic, hilarious and daring, Foxy Shazam are here to put a little pomp and circumstance into your daily dose of rock 'n' roll.

Led by flamboyant singer Eric Nally (who must've come out of the womb as a kick-ass frontman), this Cincinnati sextet make audacious glam-rock-meets-prog-pop-meets-musical-theater. (Try to find that genre on iTunes.) The songs on the band's self-titled third album, which comes out April 13, recalls everything from Elton John and The Stooges to T. Rex and Queen.

Plus, the group is equally as dazzling on record, on stage (we still get choked up just thinking about how Nally likes to chow down on a pack of cigarettes during each performance) and on camera. Always one to take a risk, the band recently made headlines by previewing its new album on Chatroulette and hosting a listening party on the anything-goes chat program.

Foxy Shazam is currently on tour, and its album Foxy Shazam drops April 13. Check out the group's dazzling video for its single "Oh Lord" below.