New Usher Videos: "OMG" vs. "Little Freak"

Usher's been a busy dude this week: He released an album (Raymond v. Raymond), mentored some American Idols and dropped not one, but two videos. We're tired just thinking about it!

In honor of the "versus" theme of Ush's newest opus, we thought we'd do a bit of "compare and contrast" for his newest clips "OMG" and "Little Freak," both directed by Anthony Mandler.

"OMG" features some auto-tuned singing, quasi-"Vogue"-ing, a Will.I.Am cameo and flashing lights reminiscent of the clip for Usher's smash hit "Yeah." Think of "OMG" as an unofficial answer track to Trey Songz' "LOL :)."

Then, on the other end of the video stick, we've got "Little Freak." The clip follows a bewildered girl as she witnesses all kinds of illicit weirdness, such as illegal gambling, leaky pipes dripping all over the place and Nicki Minaj rocking a black-and-white wig. Scandalous.

Take a look at both of Usher's new videos below and let us know in the comments which one takes the proverbial cake. Raymond v. Raymond is out now.