LOLs: Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' Gets Smooth Jazz Makeover

Spotted via Urlesque, we bring you this very video take of Metallica and their head-banging classic "Enter Sandman." The twist comes once the music starts and we hear some inspired genius has replaced the crunching guitar riffs of James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett with a sonorous, smooth-jazz cover of the rocker, leaving only Hetfield's patented growl from the original.

Seriously, nothing is going to brighten your day like watching bass player Robert Trujillo do a menacing, evil-goblin squat-hop around the stage -- or seeing drummer Lars Ulrich pound mightily on his skins, as the comforting muzak-version of "Enter Sandman" comes out your computer speakers.

Plus, is that a trumpet we hear? Check out the video mashup below.