Never Shout Never Performs 'The Day the Music Died'

(Credit: Michele Crowe/MTV)

A few weeks ago MTV hosted a very special live performance from Never Shout Never. Buzzworthy readers got to see a live clip of NSN's Christofer Drew perform his single "What Is Love." They also got the opportunity to ask Drew questions in an exclusive live chat.

As part of our new tribute series P.U.S.H. (Play Until Someone Hears), we're proud to present more videos from that amazing live performance. P.U.S.H. artists are folks we think should be on your radar, so we celebrate them for a week. Since Christofer is already one of our faves, he was a great choice as our premiere P.U.S.H. artist. Watching these clips reminds us what a thrill to get Drew playing his tunes within our walls, and we're excited to share them with you.

Check out two live videos of Christofer Drew performing "The Day The Music Died" and "Lovesick."

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more live clips from NSN's performance.