Watch Ben Folds Serenade Chat Roulette

I've never personally felt compelled to check out Chat Roulette. As an active rider of New York City's public transportation system, I am already treated to a daily dose of any number of strangers doing any number of strange things. I don't need to replicate the experience on my computer. But different strokes for different piano-playing folks, I always say. That's why I've got no problem with this great video of master songwriter/pianist Ben Folds serenading random people on Chat Roulette, while a live audience of 2000 people look on with glee.

This video is actually a tribute to the wildly popular viral video by the enigmatic, mysterious piano man named Merton. Many thought Ben Folds actually might be Merton, who seems to have originated the practice of free-styling lyrics based on what he sees on Chat Roulette, while accompanying himself on piano.

Folds' performance (which has been thankfully edited and is free of Chat Roulette's ever-present male appendages), features his signature humor and detailed observation ("Hello, Mr. Shirtless Man. How are you doing? Is it hot in there?"). It's all the more impressive when you consider he did it in front of that many fans.

Check out the video below. There's no nudity, but there is some NSFW language. And watch "Army" —  seminal Ben Folds! — after that.