Neon Trees Share 7 Facts You Need To Know About Utah

Most bands start in the middle of nowhere, and if they're lucky they move to the big city. If they're even luckier, they get a major label contract. Neon Trees did things their way. The core of the band, singer Tyler Glen and guitarist Chris Allen, first met in Southern California. When Chris decided to move to Provost, Utah, for school, Tyler followed. So why would anyone want to live in Provost or Utah? Neon Trees share seven things you need to know about Utah.

7. The best new band in the world lives there: us!

6. Utah is home of the original KFC.

5. "Troll 2" was filmed in Utah.

4. There are actually Democrats in Utah. You just have to seek them out.

3. A ton of Winter Olympians relocate to Utah to train and live -- Apolo Ohno being one of them.

2. Gary Coleman is currently residing there.

1. "Footloose" was filmed there.

And if that's not enough of a good reason, Utah is apparently a good source of musical inspiration. Check out Neon Trees' video for their single "Animal," which was actually shot in Arizona. (Maybe the next one will be in Utah.)

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