New Video: Lady Gaga Featuring Beyonce, 'Telephone'

It's here! Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video is FUH-I-NALLY here! So put down the brown paper bag you've been breathing into and allow yourself a much-needed sigh of relief as Gaga goes to jail, shares a smooch with ... a butch chick? Dude? Whatever! Who cares? Gaga looks like Desperately Seeking Susan–era Madonna! She wraps herself in crime scene tape! Adeptly makes tasty-looking sammies! Kills Tyrese with Beyonce! And makes prison look even sexier than it does in Chicago.

While "Telephone" isn't my favorite of her extended-play/long-version cinematic videos (my favorite being "Paparazzi"), and it doesn't trump the stunning effects and shock and awe of "Bad Romance," it's certainly the funniest and most satirical work Gaga's done. A play on mid-century TV commercials? Gaga and Beyonce as a Bonnie and Clyde killer duo? All. That. Tarantino? Knowing winks at the camera? CHOMPING ON A HONEYBUN? What's not to love? For as intense as Gaga can be, she's clearly got a lighter side, and that biting wit is laced throughout the tongue-in-cheek video, directed by Jonas Akerlund.