Katy Perry Blasts Sky Ferreira On Twitter

Oh Katy Perry. Sky Ferreira! You two kiss and make up and play nicer! Aren't these two supposed to be friendies? Is that any way to talk to a friend? So, singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira (who's Katy Perry's labelmate!) Tweeted "Sorry, but how the f--- have some people heard songs off my album?" To which Katy Perry haughtily blasted a nasty retort, suggesting "Maybe u should stop sleeping with so many DJs." ICE! COLD! Is this a case of real-life girls behaving badly, or just some cheeky drumming up of publicity?

In case you're wondering what Sky Ferreira's sound's all about, think pouty electro-pop in the vein of Uffie (with whom she's collaborated), plus a little modern-day Blondie, met with a slightly poppier Bat For Lashes.