Watch Adam Lambert's 'VH1 Unplugged' Performance!

Adam Lambert's reputation as a fashion icon and flamboyant diva-dude performer on stage and screen continues to grow. I mean, just peep this Flaunt photo spread. Stunner shades!

All that flossing and stunting and saving the world (like he does in his "Time For Miracles" video) aside, it's nice to see him get back to basics — back to what made so many folks fall for him in the first place: simply performing. And WELL.

Here we have two clips from Adam Lambert's recent appearance on VH1 Unplugged. And while he definitely brings a little attitude to the stripped-down proceedings, he really lets his singing voice do the work.

The first clip is a bongo and piano-driven reimagining of "Down The Rabbit Hole," originally featured on the deluxe version of For Your Entertainment. It's decidedly different from the razor-sharp, glam-rock studio take of the song.

The second clip is a nice sit-down with Adam, in which he talks about the challenges of performing his rather elaborately produced music in such an intimate, no-frills environment. And watch more live performances at

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