Song You Need To Know: Drake, 'Over'

If you don't count his So Far Gone mixtape, Drake's debut album Thank Me Later is one of the most highly anticipated hip-hop records of the year — and, with "Over," we finally get our first glimpse of what the Canadian MC has in store for us.

Produced by Boi-1-da and Al Khaaliq, "Over" is very much a first single, in that it sounds like Drake is almost overwhelmed by the opportunity to officially go off. Even though the track is less than four minutes long, it sounds like he's pouring all of himself into every corner of the song.

"Over" is a mixture of singing, rapping and ingenious wordplay. We love the lines, "Everything is kosher/Two thumbs up/Ebert & Roeper," which also happen to be a favorite rhyme of Amanda Bynes.

Congrats, Drake. "Over" is a fantastic musical appetizer. We're still hungry, though, so bring on the main course! Thank Me Later is due out in the next few months.

+ Listen to Drake's "Over" here.