Caption This Photo: Diddy Goes To The Louvre

(Credit: Twitpic)

Like so many men before him, Diddy has been bumming around Paris recently. No doubt hip-hop's original Bad Boy has been spending his time in cafes, watching the Seine roll by and contemplating life's great mysteries, his very existence and his very Diddy-ness. Or maybe he's just putting the finishing touches on his appropriately titled, long-delayed album Last Train To Paris.

Either way, he's seeing the sights. The above photo, which places Diddy in front of the "Mona Lisa" in Paris' famous Louvre Museum, was spotted on Buzzfeed and swiped from the man's very own Twitpic account. We'd like to invite you all to add your wittiest caption. Here are a couple to get you started:

1. "I told you she was checking out my ass."

2. "I was thinking about reforming Danity Kane and I think Mona Lisa might be perfect! She's fierce and she keeps quiet. (CoughAubrey O'Day cough.)"

3. "Am I buggin' or do you see the gnomes, too?"