Vault Videos: Top Videos From Oscar-Nominated Directors

With the Academy Awards airing this Sunday, March 7th, we thought it would be a great idea to give props to our film-buff brethren and take this Vault Videos opportunity to celebrate those brilliant directors who have successfully made the transition from music videos to big-screen blockbusters. Allow us to present you with the Top Videos by an Oscar-Nominated Director.

And ... Action!

"Buddy Holly" by Weezer (directed by Spike Jonze, who was nominated for Being John Malkovich): You don't have to be a Happy Days fan to appreciate the cinematic brilliance of this Jonze clip. Hell, the skateboard-loving director was even able to bring diner-owner Al Delvecchio out of storage for an unexpected cameo. Wonder if Ron Howard was busy...

"Vogue" by Madonna (directed by David Fincher, who was nominated for The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button): Before directing big-screen cult classics like Se7en and Fight Club, Fincher got his start at the helm of videos for Paula Abdul ("Straight Up"), Aerosmith ("Janie's Got a Gun") and, of course, this particular Madge gem. We love the black-and-white tone, and don't get us started on the amazing dancing. You can't see us, but we're totally letting our bodies move to the music while we type this.

"Under The Bridge" by The Red Hot Chili Peppers (directed by Gus Van Sant, who was nominated for Milk): Understated yet powerful, this simple Chili Peppers clip is representative of Van Sant's signature directing style. Before "Under The Bridge" was released, the Peppers were just another wild-and-crazy L.A. band. Yet once the song and—more important—the video hit airwaves, the band became more than just keg-tapping figureheads. They became serious musicians—and inarguable rock stars.

"Fast As You Can" by Fiona Apple (directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, who was nominated for There Will Be Blood): Before hooking up with Maya Rudolph (and fathering a couple kids with the funnywoman), Paul Thomas Anderson was in a much-publicized, long-term relationship with Fiona Apple. He directed many clips for Apple, but this one has got to be our favorite because the stop-action sequence at the end might've captured the only footage we've ever seen of Apple smiling. The man's that talented.