Pitbull Talks About New Song, 'Watagatapitusberry'

"Watagatapitusberry." Huh? "Watagatapitusberry." Say that again. "Watagatapitusberry." Me confused. "Watagatapitusberry."

Oh, now I get it! "Watagatapitusberry." That's the new Pitbull joint, right?

Pitbull may've just released Rebelution in September 2009, but he's already setting his sights on a new album—and, this time, it's going to be all in Spanish. Ay papi! Armando, the Miami rapper's first Spanish-speaking album, is slated for release this May. However, in order to tide fans over, Pitbull is debuting the video for the album's first single, "Watagatapitusberry," next Monday, March 1st on MTV Tr3s.

So, what exactly does "Watagatapitusberry" mean? Pitbull's not telling—yet.

To see Pitbull explain 'Watagatapitusberry,' watch the video below and don't forget to tune into MTV Tr3s on March 1st to see the song's video premiere.