Buzz Bites (2/24/10): Metro Station Throw Miley Cyrus Down The Rabbit Hole

+ A little while back, we talked about "Where's My Angel," Metro Station's contribution to Almost Alice, a collection of tracks inspired by Tim Burton's upcoming Alice In Wonderland. Check out this video of singer/guitarist Mason Musso and bandmate Trace Cyrus talking about the film, the song and throwing Hannah Montana—aka Cyrus' sis Miley—down the rabbit hole. (Buzznet)

+ This one should be called, "When an American Idol runner-up attacks!" Adam Lambert recently let his claws loose on Britain's Got Talent winner Susan Boyle when he told MTV News that Boyle's album is "terrible" and that her cover of The Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses" made him cry "with laughter." Me-ow. (MTV News)

+ You've got Kim Yu-Na fever, I've got Kim Yu-Na fever, we've all got Kim Yu-Na fever! With women's figure skating in full flight, Idolator had the brilliant idea to super-impose your favorite pop stars' heads onto the skating phenom's body. Check out Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and Jay-Z pulling off triple toe loops like it ain't no thing. (Idolator)

+ Frankie Muniz—the secret agent formerly known as Cody Banks—spent most of his young life acting in films, so what does he do for an encore? He does what most guys do in their early 20s: He starts a band. The Malcom In The Middle star is now drumming for the Arizona rock band You Hang Up. Read an interview with Muniz and hear some music here. (PopEater)

+ Stop making sense, indeed. Check out the Cyndi Lauper and Tori Amos duet "Why Don't You Love Me," taken from the new David Byrne (Talking Heads) and Fatboy Slim-penned musical Here Lies Love, which chronicles the life and times of politician and shoe maven Imelda Marcos (We Are Pop Slags)