Music From 'Turn The Beat Around': Sing It Loud

Photo courtesy of Epitaph Records

When MTV's original movie Turn The Beat Around premieres this Friday, February 26 at 10 PM EST, you'll probably notice that some familiar dance jams have been given a musical makeover by bands like Just Kait (who covers Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff") , Jeffree Star (who takes a stab at Donna Summer's "Bad Girls") and Sing It Loud (who tackle "Get Down Tonight" by KC And The Sunshine Band).

"We really wanted to do a song that was out of our element," explains Sing It Loud frontman Pat Brown of the band's decision to bring in 'da noise, bring in 'da funk. "Anyone that listens to our music would know that 'Get Down Tonight' isn't our 'style,' but we wanted to record it so it was almost identical to the original—with the exception of my voice. It was one of the more fun experiences I've ever had in a recording setting. It's fun to do something different!"

Indubitably. In fact, this Minneapolis-based, pop-rock quartet happens to be besties with more than a couple bands on the Turn The Beat Around soundtrack (like Star, Millionaires, who get freaky with Chic's "Le Freak," and Cobra Starship, who recorded the movie's title track), thanks to numerous summers touring together on the Vans Warped Tour.

So, if push came to well-choreographed shove, who would Brown like to grab for a slow dance and why?

"Shakira. My answer is self-explanatory."

+ Listen to "Get Down Tonight" by Sing It Loud here.