More Producers Tapped For Upcoming Britney Album

Photo credit: Kevin Mazur / WireImage

If Brit-Brit's too-brief appearance at the Grammys wasn't enough to whet your "Toxic" appetite, no need to starve yourself just yet. According to Idolator, Spears is gearing up to release new music this June.

For all those Circus freaks out there, you'll be stoked to hear that Britney is re-teaming with K. Briscoe, part of The Outsyders production team, who penned Spears' comeback hit "Womanizer." Plus, our pop princess is also hooking back up with Corte Ellis from Soul Diggaz, who previously worked with Britney on the songs "Naked" and "Get Back" off Blackout.

Finally, color us flattered that Spears took our advice and decided to collaborate with our fave new French hitmaker DJ David Guetta on new tunes. Ooh, la la!

Briscoe, Ellis and Guetta join a heap of producers who have already been tapped for the project—like DanjaMax MartinDarkchildSean Garrett. Guess it's just a matter of time until we hear whose tracks make the final album cut. Hope we don't blackout from anticipation! (Get it? Blackout? Blackout? I'll be here all night, folks.)