Song You Need To Know: Robyn's 'No Hassle,' Produced By Diplo

East Coasters, look out your window. Sucks, right!? Well, here's something to transport you to a more tropical state-of-mind. All you nice-weather-having folks can enjoy it too, even though I'm jealous of you and your stupid sunshine.

Here we have a new track of undetermined origin (or eventual album destination) by Swedish pop legend Robyn. Though she is usually known for her razor-sharp, electro-infused, dance-floor anthems, "No Hassle" is something of a sandy siesta from the Scandinavian singer.

The reggae lover's rock beat of "No Hassle" comes courtesy of Diplo, of Major Lazer/M.I.A. fame. Robyn gets into the mood, toasting, "I still run this thing like a dancehall queen/I really don't want no hassle." True that!

It's a welcome return from the "Konichiwa Bitches" singer, who hasn't released an official album since her 2005 self-titled full-length—and it's a welcome return of poppy sunshine to some of our snow-banked lives.

+ Listen to Robyn's "No Hassle," produced by Diplo, here