Watch Out, Beyonce. You've Got Some Heavy Competition.

If you were going to cover Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams," how would you do it? Would you: 1.) Use a similar arrangement because there's no beating perfection, 2.) chock it full of auto-tune and techno beats because if you can't top Beyonce's vocal, you might as well be distinctive, or 3.) keep it mellow and groovy by breaking out the acoustic guitar and conga drum.

The folks at OurStage are holding a "Sweet Dreams" cover contest and the winning artist gets a weekend trip to Vegas—where Beyonce just happened to film her recent concert video "I Am Yours...". New Jersey's identical-twin duo HelenMaria are currently in second place, having opted for door number 3 and, dare we say, kind of showed up Sasha Fierce a scoch. You can head over to OurStage to see who's number one and vote for your favorite. Of course, if you enter, we want to know about it. Drop a link to your video in the comments.