S++t You Need To Get: 'Twilight' Body Pillows

"The lion fell in love with the lamb." It's a quote we all know and love from Twilight, a movie we all know and love. However, "the lion fell in love with the lamb... but the lamb was kinda bummed to find that the lion, her love, wound up being A BODY PILLOW," doesn't quite have the same doomed, romantic ring to it, does it?

Author Stephenie Meyer might not've seen it coming, but Twilight-themed body pillows seem to be all the cuddling rage amongst spoon-happy Twi-hards. According to Etsy, where the pillows are retailing for only $15, this amazing new development in vampire faux-companionship is known as a Manllow—half man, half pillow.

Here's a few choice nuggets from the product description: "Edward Cullen is finally here to be with you and only you. Sleep with him, cuddle with him, use him as a neck rest, the Edward Manllow is there to be your man and pillow all in one"

It's funny how life imitates art. It's even funnier how life imitates 30 Rock, isn't it?