English Soccer Fans Wish You A Happy Valentine's Day With Some Savage Garden

So this year, as you are probably aware, Valentine's Day is Sunday. While most American men can't blame sports for distracting them from doting and expressing amorous thoughts -- NFL is over, NBA and NCAA all haven't gotten cooking yet -- it's a different story for our brothers across the pond.

English football fans will have to keep one eye on cupid and one eye on all the F.A. Cup action (sort of the soccer version of the NCAA tournament) this Sunday.

The fine folks at Puma have come up with a brilliant way to commemorate this dilemma with the amazing new viral ad below, featuring dozens of, um, lads in a pub singing Savage Garden's tear-jerking ballad, "Truly, Madly, Deeply."

This is incredibly funny, and even bizarrely heartwarming (even if, as one of the YouTube comments points out, these do look like the kind of guys who might kick your head in if you wore the wrong scarf to a West Ham match). However, singing is not a foreign concept to even the most hard of English soccer goons.

Singing is a treasured tradition in the stands of soccer grounds, and often fans will interpolate the names of their team's players into the melodies and lyrics of pop hits. (Middlesbrough fans turned Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer" into "whoaaa/we're half way there/whoaa!/Aliadiere," which was the name of their French-born striker.)

Ok, enough soccer talk. Time for some singing. Enjoy the video below. Hat tip to The Dirty Tackle for the find.