Set Your Goals Covers Lady Gaga's 'Just Dance'... On The Kazoo

(Credit: Scott Gries/ MTV)

When Set Your Goals comes to visit you at MTV, there's no telling what they'll bring with them. Could be tour war stories. Could be a special friend. Could be enough kazoos to go around. Turns out the Bay Area boys brought all of the above, AND they gave us a free acoustic show... But they didn't do something off This Will Be the Death of Us. Instead, they blew a kazoo cover of Lady Gaga's "Just Dance." (If only they'd encored with "Poker Face" -- You haven't lived until you've heard the phrase "I'm bluffin' with my muffin" get chopped and screwed through a little plastic vibrating wind instrument... set to the lips of Set Your Goals.)

Watch Set Your Goal's "Just Dance" Gaga kazoo cover, watch Set Your Goals' "This Will Be The Death Of Us" video, and stay tuned for Set Your Goals' MTV Buzzworthy interview, coming next week.