Buzz Bites (2/11/10): Fashion World Mourns Alexander McQueen, John Mayer Says Sorry

+ The fashion world has been rocked by the loss of one of its brightest, most gifted and adventurous designers, as news spread that Alexander McQueen has died at the age of 40. According to The New York Times, the cause of death was apparently suicide, though the McQueen family has yet to make an official statement on the matter. McQueen's designs were a staple of many forward-thinking pop stars' wardrobes. And, perhaps more than anyone, he had helped sculpt the fashion icon that is Lady Gaga, plying her with much of the clothing (and shoes!) worn in her iconic "Bad Romance" video. (New York Times)

+ Obviously with such a loss, the tributes have been pouring in. You can read Twitter testimonials from the likes of Kim Kardashian, Rachel Zoe, Stephanie Pratt and many more. (People)

+ John Mayer's mouth has gotten him into trouble again, though it has made for some really entertaining online reading. Yesterday, a racially-charged, sexually-explicit, jaw-dropping interview between the singer/guitarist and Playboy was released online. Among other headline-making quotes, Mayer called Jessica Simpson, "sexual napalm," and made some really unwise observations about his relationship to the African-American community.  The day ended with Mayer Tweeting himself out of a corner and making a tearful onstage apology. (Idolator)

+ MTV News has some incredible behind the scenes footage of the recording of the new version of "We Are The World." The remake, produced by Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie and Lady Gaga producer RedOne will benefit relief efforts in Haiti. You can watch Justin Bieber, Pink and many more take their turn at the microphone. (MTV News)

+ Here is a picture of Joe Jonas walking down the street, bringing back the Hooters/Springsteen 80's bandanna/headband, one step at a time. (Seriously? OMG! WTF?)