Gaga MooLa La! It's Lady Gaga Money!

(Credit: Craig Gleason)

You're know you're pretty much printing your own money when you're... printing your own money. Case in point, Lady Gaga, who, as you know -- unless you live somewhere that uses shells as currency (in which case you're probably not reading this) -- is pretty famous. So famous that she inspired artist Craig Gleason to break the law (though I'm sure the U.S. Treasury would let it slide in this case) and create a series of hand-painted dollars that satisfy the heretofore unchartered intersection of George Washington and Lady Gaga. Perhaps you saw Craig Gleason's Gaga dollars back in December. But it looks like he just created some brand-new ones, featuring the razor blade sunglasses from her "Bad Romance," video, one of her very Matthew Barney Haus of Gaga outfits, and her mirrorball dress with intense shoulders.

The latest Gaga dollars are available on Craig Gleason's blog (which you can find by Googling his name or a combination of two felonies). Or hit him up at his Etsy shop to see how many regular dollars it takes to buy Gaga dollars. (Worth it at any price, I say!) If only I could use Gaga dollars to buy me some unwearable Alexander McQueen armadillo heels.