Video Sneak Peek: AFI, 'Beautiful Thieves'

AFI's "Beautiful Thieves" video premieres Thursday, February 4 on MTV and, but before we get the full look at the full-length video, we've got the exclusive photo above and a video clip from "Beautiful Thieves."

Listening to the song on its own, one gets the impression that there are two meanings to the glam-punk epic. One one hand, you could read "Beautiful Thieves," directed by Travis Kopach, as an imagery-heavy tale of lovers on the run. But in this short look at the "Beautiful Thieves" video, set in a large mansion with beautiful, expressionless women aimlessly wandering the grounds while suited-up men look on, you get the sense that there's something deeper at foot.

Indeed, AFI frontman Davey Havok stated that the "Beautiful Thieves" video, "shows people being forced to be responsible for their actions, we implement that retribution, if you will."

Sounds ominous, right? Watch AFI's sneak peek of "Beautiful Thieves" below, and stay tuned for the world  premiere of the "Beautiful Thieves" video this Thursday, February 4 on MTV and Crash Love is in stores now.