The 10 Most Shocking 2010 GRAMMY Moments... In Photos!

Last night's GRAMMY Awards were full of so many shocking, textworthy, OMG moments, I thought my thumbs were gonna fall off: Lady Gaga going down the bad egg chute, Willy Wonka style, Pink's water shower strip tease, Beyonce getting suh-eeeriously nasty, and whatever was happening there with Jamie Foxx.

From the moments you need to see again -- Katy Perry's side boob! -- to the ones you may have missed -- Britney's see-through dress! Justin Bieber and Beyonce -- here are the 10 most shocking GRAMMY moments in photos!

1.) KATY PERRY SIDE BOOB! Repeat... KATY PERRY! SIDEBOOB! Thanks to Zac Posen, the miracles of double-sided tape, and a sliding scale of modesty, Katy Perry gave her fans a little peekaboo surprise. She probably also made some new fans. You're welcome.

2.) BRITNEY'S RELATIVELY PANTS-FREE OUTFIT! Britney Spears DID attend the GRAMMYs. Though she made an understated entrance on the red carpet, her outfit was anything but. Perhaps in an homage to "Pants On The Ground," Britney's black see-through Dolce & Gabbana looked like it was missing a bottom half but ACTUALLY had a quite "demure" knee-length skirt, thank you very much. (Still, any outfit that demands a bikini wax means you're basically not wearing pants.)


4.) CELINE DION PROPOSED TO LADY GAGA! She said yes! #thatalsodidnotreallyhappen

5.) JAMIE FOXX DRESSED UP LIKE SHREK. Or the cat from Shrek. Take your pick.

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7.) PINK AS THE VIRGIN MARY AND A HUMAN SPRINKLER: Pink started out her GRAMMY performance looking like a religious icon. She ended it upside-down, in a body suit that looked like it was made of athletic tape, doing her best impression of a Waterpik showerhead. #lovedit

8.) BEYONCE'S CROTCH GRAB: That. Girl. Got. NASTAY. She grabbed her crotch, sang Alanis Morissette's ode to illicit behavior in a movie theater, and then got all Adam Lambert-at-the-AMAs freaky-deaky with the crotch grab. #totallylovedit

9.) IMOGEN HEAP'S OUTFIT: I mean WHO wears FLATS on the red carpet! (SMDH.)

10.) SNOOKI WAS AT THE GRAMMYS! Because... she's Snooki! As the inventor of the poof, it was kinda sad to see that Snooki's hair wasn't getting her signature height at the GRAMMYs. (Also, is Snooki morphing into the fourth Kardashian sister?) Snooki did, however, meet Katy Perry, so the night was still a win.