Meet Reggaeton Sensation Mini Daddy

So here's a little kid named Mini Daddy, performing a Reggaeton track in the vein of Daddy Yankee (hence Mini Daddy). This small dude's name is Adriansito and the song is called El Niño Mas Bonito. Okay. So now let's go over the three things that make this incredible.

1. Mini Daddy is a kid.

I thought for a second that he Mini Daddy might be some kind of Andy-Milonakis-esque hoodwink, wherein he has some tragic malady that makes him look like he's a lil' tyke while, in reality, he's a grown man. But no. This is a child. Performing Reggaeton.

2. He is not mini.

I'm not trying to give this kid body-image issues, but he's clearly not saying "no" to seconds, right? And let's be honest, if this was just some waif-like, ready-for-TV child performing Reggaeton, it wouldn't be as funny. There's more to love here.

3. The ratio of costume changes to set changes.

I count seven (SEVEN!) costume changes in the first 37 seconds of this masterpiece. This is clearly where the full weight of the budget went for Mini Daddy's video, because the action takes place in only two places: a plain white set and a plain black set. What? You were expecting Pandora? It's a little kid singing Reggaeton! It sells itself!