Prince Pens A Song For The Minnesota Vikings

I was in a cab this morning when I heard Paul McCartney's power-pop classic "Jet" on a local New York radio station. Except it wasn't Paul McCartney's version of the song. It was a remake, plugging in the names of famous New York Jets like Darrelle Revis, Thomas Jones and Bart Scott into the ex-Beatles' jam.

While I do not count myself as a Jets fan, this still didn't inspire any confidence or enthusiasm on my part. Or my driver, for that mattter (he just kept talking on his phone).

I'm not a Vikings fan, either. But if I were, I would be pretty amped about the fact that no less a rock god than Prince had written and recorded an original song in honor of the Minnesota football team's playoff run.

Written immediately after the Vikings crushed the Dallas Cowboys in last week's divisional match-up, Prince's "Purple And Gold" is a very, well, Prince kind of fight song, with very Prince-like lyrics, "we r all amped up like a rock n roll band/ready 2 celebrate every score/ready 2 fight the elegant war/ready 2 hear the crowd roar."

Just in time for their huge NFC Championship confrontation with the New Orleans Saints this weekend. Check out Prince's ode to the Vikings below.

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