Nom Nom Ooh La La! It's LADY GAGA COOKIES!

(Credit: Refinery 29 via ONTD)

There's a place on the Internet where weird/awesome fan art and music merch meet. Where we find such golden nuggets as Lady Gaga Barbies, Paramore nesting dolls, Jonas Brothers "Poned" rings, and Tokio Hotel dolls. Which means there's a home for such baked-with-love homemade goodies like these Lady Gaga cookies.

Baked by some of the good people at ONTD, there's over a baker's dozen Lady Gaga cookies baked in the likeness of some of Gaga's most memorable outfits. They look good enough to eat, yet which to eat first? Bloody VMA Gaga? One of the many "Bad Romance" Gagas? Decisions decisions. The only thing I DO know is that they probably go great with this Lil Wayne cake.