Video Premiere: The Friday Night Boys, 'Stupid Love Letter'

(Credit: Rene Cervantes)

Witness The Friday Night Boys' video for "Stupid Love Letter" (culled from the When In Rome soundtrack, which also features Katy Perry and The Academy Is...) where it's abundantly clear that all is fair in love and war, even if you're in a band together.

The Steve Jocz-directed clip for this synth-heavy ditty takes place at a screening for the Josh Duhamel/Kristen Bell rom-com, When In Rome. Singer Andrew Goldstein brings his date to the movies (as you do). But no sooner can the Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man PSA air, and his bandmates are circling his lady like vultures.

They flex their abs and try out some dance moves, all while Goldstein is mobbed by fans at the concession stand. I'd like to tell you that everything ends up okay, but I'd also like to tell you that you won a million dollars. Both lies! There's a big fight and tears before bedtime.

Check out the fisticuffs below in Friday Night Boys' brand-new video, "Stupid Love Letter."

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