New Video: Plies, Featuring Keri Hilson, 'Medicine'

In his new Yolande Geralds-helmed video, "Medicine," Florida MC Plies plays a doctor. Is this a commentary on our current economic climate where many are taking on extra work to make ends meet? Or is this "Medicine" (the follow-up single to "Becky," taken from Plies' upcoming Goon Affiliated album) video about how we all need to give back, help the less fortunate, and put community over the individual?

No. None of the above. He is Dr. Goon. He is here to "keep ya up all night" like "Nodoze." Get it?

Not sure whose attire flies more in the face of American Medical Association rules and regulations, Plies' fitted and gold chains, or Keri Hilson (who sings the hook, "Shawty, I'm your insulin") rocking fur and a bustier.

While the hospital Plies and Hilson work in certainly doesn't inspire confidence, it does look like a fun place to visit. And really, when you think about it, are Plies and Keri Hilson being any more unprofessional than the navel-gazers on Grey's Anatomy who worry more about their love lives than your ruptured appendix? I didn't think so.

Page Dr. Goon below.