New Interview: Big Time Rush On iCarly And Supersoakers

(Credit: Liza Chrust/MTV)

Earlier this week we introduced you to the lads of Big Time Rush, the boy band behind the new Nick show of the same name. You can check out our previous post to learn a little about the guys and their musical influences, but we also went much farther than that with Big Time Rush getting to the real nitty gritty.

How nitty gritty? iCarly-levels of nitty gritty. As we delved deeper with the boys, we found a little about life B.B.T.R. (Before Big Time Rush). Like, for instance, James played Shane, the nerdy bro of iCarly's technically savvy friend Freddie Benson, on season two of the wildly popular, web-centric Nick show.

But there's more! Did you know Carlos appeared in both advertisements for and on the boxes of Supersoaker water guns? True story! Now, I did a little personal research and did not spot Carlos in the classic 1991 Supersoaker ad (remember the line, "Oh, Bufffffy"?), but that's not to say there weren't others. If you come across any then, by all means, let us know!

The next episode of Big Time Rush airs tonight at 8:30 pm on Nick.