Song You Need To Know: Madonna, Featuring Justin Timberlake, 'Across The Sky'

"Across The Sky" is an unreleased track from Madonna's Hard Candy album. It's a Timbaland-production, featuring Justin Timberlake on vocals; so we can safely assume it's a product of the same collaborative sessions that produced the singles, "4 Mintues" and "Miles Away," as well as several album cuts from Hard Candy.

I haven't heard any scuttlebutt (awesome word) as to why "Across The Sky" wound up on the cutting room floor. I can only guess it had something to do with its similarity to other Justin/Tim/Maddy collabos on the album. It's dope, but it doesn't bring anything else to the table that wasn't already brought by "4 Minutes."

"Across The Sky" is a larger-than-love love song, if that makes any sense. Madonna seems to be alluding to some of the same creeping, end-of-the-world issues that she talks about in "4 Minutes," and how it effects her affair with her significant other. The beat? Classic, late-period Timbo: beat-boxing, Spanish-flavored acoustic guitar and a propulsive beat.

Check out the song, and see how it compares to "4 Minutes," both below.

+ Listen to Madonna's "Across The Sky," featuring Justin Timberlake, here