New Video: Motion City Soundtrack, 'Her Words Destroyed My Planet'

The science fair setting of Motion City Soundtrack's new video, "Her Words Destroyed My Planet," means we must deconstruct its imagery using everything we learned about critical thinking while studying for the SATs. For starters, the title "Her Words Destroyed My Planet" tells us all we need to know -- or does it? What was the protagonist's planet like? Before the breakup described in the lyrics, this world had an Xbox and weed. Any NASA scientist would agree this world sounds quite habitable. Then a romantic catastrophe occurred and the broken-hearted occupant of this planet was sent careening out of orbit. As a result, he shaved off his beard and got a job at Uncommon Grounds.  A true tragedy.

Now let's delve into the video setting. Motion City Soundtrack singer Justin Pierre and guitarist Joshua Cain and video director Isaac Rentz chose not to set this "Planet" in a strip mall java hut or Xbox-less rumpus room. No, they went deep into the belly of the school gym science fair where baking soda volcanoes crumble like hearts, creating a gritty analogy for their brittle tune. Ergo, "Planet" is to "Science Fair" as "Breakups" are to ... well, you'll just have to watch the video to get the answer to that.