New Interview: Just Kait On Turn The Beat Around, Beat Boxing And Drumbeats

If you aren't hip to Just Kait, the short version is as follows: teenaged multi-instrumentalist who makes punky, spunky, straight-talking pop-rock; recorded a version of the Parental Control theme song that made its way on to the show itself; is finishing up debut album for release this year.

With her talent at multiple instruments you might be tempted to call Just Kait something of a teen prodigy. But in songs like the kids-are-alright anthem, "Sick," and the glam-rock of "U Suck," she shows herself to be just one of the girls; despite her undeniable talent at playing rock music, she radiates a really nice normalcy.

This same normal, approachable charm is evident in this episode of "The 5." In this chat the singer talks about a variety of pet peeves and unknown talents. Kait enjoys recording songs (like "Hot Stuff" which will be featured in MTV's Turn The Beat Around soundtrack), beatboxing and playing the drums as an act of catharsis. She does not enjoy white socks.  The more you know...

Check out Just Kait's episode of "The 5" as well as the clip for "Sick" below.