Franz Ferdinand And Marion Cotillard Collaborate For Lady Dior

In what must have been a true meeting of the uber-cool minds, Scottish indie rockers Franz Ferdinand and Oscar-winning French actress Marion Cotillard have teamed up to record a song for the fashion house Dior.

"Eyes Of Mars" was written by Franz Ferdinand, who back Cotillard on the song. Made to promote a new perfume by Lady Dior, it's a wistful, smoky, lovelorn ballad song in English by Cotillard, who until now had limited her musical stylings to the screen with performances in the musical Nine and the Edith Piaf biopic, La Vie En Rose.

Honestly, it's pretty hard when someone as blindingly gorgeous as Cotillard sings. It sounds great no matter what. This is a curse that has plagued beautiful French chanteuses from Jane Birkin to Charlotte Gainsbourg. Maybe if they looked more like gargoyles it would be easier to nitpick their performances.

+ Listen to Franz Ferdinand and Marion Cotillard's "Eyes Of Mars" here.