New Video: OK Go, 'This Too Shall Pass'

Seems like just yesterday that we were spazzing out, going WTF?! about OK Go's "WTF" video. Well, the Los Angeles-via-Chicago band continue to show their dedication to the music video as an art form with their awesome new video, "This Too Shall Pass."

Taken from their Of The Colour Of The Blue Sky, "This Too..." features OK Go, dressed as drummers in a marching band, performing their song in a field. At around the :45 mark, someone (director Brian L. Perkins, one would think) flips the switch to "awesome."

Horn players emerge out of the ground, camouflaged in grass. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish marching band appears, adding percussion, backing vocals and total elation. Oh, and the whole thing was filmed live. Unbelievable.

Check out Ok Go's phenomenal "This Too Shall Pass" video below.