Christina Aguilera Wins Buzzworthy's Best-Dressed At The Golden Globe Awards

If you missed the Golden Globes, here's a quick recap: Avatar won Best Motion Picture, Drama, everyone was like OH MAN I LOVED THAT MOVIE when The Hangover won Best Motion Picture, Comedy, Mariah Carey won Goldenest Globes, Penelope Cruz looked like she fell asleep standing up in a spray tan booth, celebs acted like they'd never seen rain before, and many of them looked like they'd never seen food before. So THANK YOU, Christina Aguilera, for wearing an absolute STUNNER of a Versace dress and looking like the best-dressed girl there.

Like January Jones, who wore a similar pastel Versace Atelier deco-inspired dress to the 2009 Emmys, Christina Aguilera brought some old-school Hollywood, blond bombshell bravado to the Golden Globes and more than made up for Drew Barrymore's ode to the coral reef. And Kate Hudson's Marchesa wedding dress, which looked like a series of tubes and envelopes.

Once again, Christina Aguilera proved that she only looks better -- and younger -- with age. Viva la Aguilera!